Around the world, Diary

Travel diaries. Night in Soho square, Egypt

Hello everybody!

My dear D. decided we need to go and relax somewhere with plenty of food and fish to swim with. Still studying, we had to choose something budget friendly, which means in or near Europe.

And so he said “it’s Egypt”. It is quite close to us and because of some things political (no, I don’t understand what really happened, but people talked about it) the prices were quite low at that time. So there we went. The choice was Sharm el-Sheikh as the sea and corals there should have been the most beautiful in Egypt. Since this was my first time there at all I couldn’t judge, but D. considered this the best choice he could have made.

Being more a mountain girl than the beach one, I wasn’t willing to spend much time out of water or our hotel. You know, the temperature was just a little bit too high. That’s why we only could have gone to Soho square at night. Which was good as the most of people were there at night. There I found out that there are more people like us winter lovers – or at least those who don’t need to spend time in 40ยฐC +.

I actually didn’t understand to this place, no idea why it was made in an Asian style, but fortunately the rest of this square was unlike the entrance with a dragon. Dancing fountain was really nice considering situation in Egypt compared to other countries. The lights created a nice atmosphere and shops were friendly. What I did appreciate was that the shop assistants and owners here did not make us come to every single shop. They started to sell not when we were passing by but when we entered their shop. A bit more European style maybe, hm?

When seeking for something to buy, make sure you are aware of the fact that most of the “designer” stuff is not original. Some of them tell you when it’s not original, but some of them keep it for themselves (maybe unless you ask, but we didn’t). If you don’t want to buy a fake then you need to keep your eyes open. All in all, it’s not that difficult to distinguish fakes from originals usually.

After all, I loved their lamps and trust me, if my suitcase was bigger, I’d take some with me. The streets were very beautiful and the lightning tunnel was just cute. Unfortunately many people thought the same so it was impossible to take a photo of the whole with no strangers in it. So we at least made portraits.

Have you someone been at this place? Did you like it? I kind of did. A bit more than I expected, which is good, isn’t it?

Love, Michaela

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