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The best summer croptop ever

Last year we just went to buy some food for a girls night in sleepover style with my former roommate. We just popped in a Reserved shop which is in the Tesco building we used to do our shopping in. And I saw this one. The first crop top I really loved, tried it on and… took home.

We made this photos in July. And yes, it took me so long to postprocess them. And if you do read this blog from time to time you probably know what happened as I tried to explain it a bit in Summer life update. Health was against me sitting at the table, but it made me go outside and discover many beautiful places to shoot around.

To me this is more an inspirational photoshoot than an outfit post as for me the mood is too significant to see it in the traditional fashion way. My mum was the one taking those photos and she was also the one who made the skirt. So… All in all, tune in late summer sunset walk with me and enjoy the rest of hot sun rays.

Have a nice day loves!

DSC_1903 kopieDSC_1766 kopieDSC_1817 kopieDSC_1719 kopieDSC_1704 kopie

Top: Reserved
Skirt: Hand made
Shoes: Baťa
Dog: Darien Star Franke, the Fox Terrier

10 thoughts on “The best summer croptop ever”

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell. I hope everything is looking up for you now. 🙂
    This is a lovely portfolio of work (as usual), you should be proud!

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  2. Be Better by doing some meditation and Yoga as one of the Doctor said in one of the seminars- meditation to him is like brushing teeth and if he does not do one day – we all know the feeling. This Doctor has been meditating 15 minutes along with his wife for 30 plus year and his mother who is 90 now.


    1. Thank you 🙂 Meditation is amazing, but this problem was one neither meditation or yoga could help. But as a prevence it’s amazing 🙂



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