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Summer challenge: be more active, month no.1

Good afternoon!

Have you read Goals for July? If not, let me introduce one of the goals to you now. The goal was to be active for at least an hour per day and to try to make ten thousands steps per day.

Fact is that being active for an hour a day is much easier than making 10,000 steps a day. You know that I work from home and when you sit by the pc almost whole day and don’t have to walk to school or work you don’t usually have the opportunity to make this amount of steps. Even though I try to walk the dog, an hour of walking is not enough. But I made it quite easily couple of times when I went to the office we have in the city and I made it almost every day during our Egypt holiday as the hotel was pretty big.

The result is… it is possible, but takes lots of time which I sometimes don’t have. I try to keep it up anyway, but I’m not going to be sad when I just don’t reach the goal.

However, being active for an hour a day is a bit more realistic goal. We all can make it, the more when it counts every short walk. Then you add some inline skating or running or anything you like to do and guess what? It’s done!

For this summer I decided to take swimming as an addition to walks, inline skating and tennis. We also tried water ski in Egypt with D., which was pretty hard day and very new experience, haha. There will be a post about this one, as I believe not many people talk about the first experience.

Guys, what do you do during summer? Do you have some favourite sports or do you just relax?

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6 thoughts on “Summer challenge: be more active, month no.1”

  1. Great post your being very proactive on involving others with your goals. You will definitely be pushed to follow through to completion. I love playing basketball it’s been a joy of my since middle school. If you would ever like advice give my blog a read :).

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