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Dog breeds and trends

Hello guys!

For today I decided to have a small speech about the trends I keep seeing within dog breeds. And I wrote a bit more than usual, so I’m sorry for this. As you probably know already, right now we have a Wire Fox Terrier. What you might not know yet is the fact that the dogs we had before had been Welsh Terriers. Who I still love the most.

I just watched a video where a girl said she dreams about having a French Bulldog. And others being in love with Pugs. And every other teenage girl loves those two and needs to have them. And I was thinking… where does this come from? Ok, I understand, I’m sure there are people for whom those dog breeds are suitable. And that’s perfect.

But tell me why those children have no idea of their own? I feel really sorry for all the amazing dogs who are not seen as much and for the people following taste of their favourite bloggers, youtubers and celebrities instead of going out there and finding out what is the best for themselves.

There has always been trends. I remember the boom of Chihuahuas when everybody had those dogs (Legally Blonde, DJ Bobo and many others who helped to this trend) but then many of the dogs lost their happiness or even home because people were not that interested in them as they had thought. Moreover, I know about people, who (although they loved the dogs) squeezed them just because they were too small and were where they shouldn’t have been.

Now it’s Pugs, following French Bulldogs. Well, yes, those are nice dogs, but for example Pugs are not suitable for places with higher summer temperatures at all. They can’t handle it and there are still people buying them and having trouble with them overheating instead of picking a dog who is fine with that exact climate. Just because someone has the dog and keeps saying how cute the dog is.

Come on, every dog is cute. It’s a dog, it’s their job to be cute and loving. Don’t be a sheep, think your own way. You’ll be much more happy as well as your future dog will be. Trust me.

I grew up in a family who breeds dogs who are not “instagram-proved” at all. And you know what? I don’t give a damn. They have amazing characters, they love me and welcome me much more than every Pug or French Bulldog I’ve ever seen. It’s their nature to do this. They’re sporty, love work and move and they are so lively that you enjoy every single walk with them when you can let them off the leash.

Are you wandering why is this more important to me than the cute dog everyone on instagram is loving? Well, I’m afraid I’m not able to explain this. It were the dogs who taught me to love them for being them instead of for making me like someone else. They’re making me the person I am. They are bringing me their mood and making me happy. With them I enjoy every sunbeam, every bird I see singing and every day on earth.

People won’t understand until they get their own experience. But trust me. Try to find a dog who will make you the person you want to be. And love him for his nature, not for his appearance in photos.

Do you have a dog? Share with me which one is the one you love. And if you remember, why did you chose the one you have? What lead you there?

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3 thoughts on “Dog breeds and trends”

  1. Our last 3 dogs have been lhasa apsos that we have just adored, but for our currrent dog my wife fell in love with a lhasa-bishon mix (lhasa apso-bishon frise) and I gotta tell ya’… BEST DOG EVER!

    The spunk, cuteness, intelligence and protectiveness of a lhasa accompanied with the friendliness, softness, and playfulness of a bishon. Wow. It’s been an unbeatable mix for us.

    The friendliness-protectiveness dialectic has been a lot of fun to watch. It’s hilarious to watch her see someone new that she just HAS to go greet, but as soon as they get close and try to give her some attention, the protectiveness kicks in and she backs away barking at them. So they smile and turn to walk away.

    But she can’t have that! She wants a new friend!

    So she follows after them with a friendly eagerness that invites them to come back to visit. But as soon as they reach their hand out to her again, she backs away barking. Again! This can go on for quite a while before she finally decides which side of her personality she’s going to let win!


    1. This seems like you found the perfect dog for you! I’m always so happy to read or hear about people like you. Every person is different and every dog breed suits for different people. Only then they (and also we) can be really happy!
      Thank you for your comment ❤

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