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Goals for July


June passed like I didn’t even blink. It was a month full of travelling around Czechia for many reasons and I spent hardly a few days at home. I believe it’s going to be better this week when I’m not going to go anywhere far from home. That’s why I can put up a new challenges, yay!

I’ve got two challenges which I already started, to make them possible to last whole month and also to write about them. I’m leaving at the end of month, so I started both of the challenges about ten days ago. I just want the articles to be prepared before I leave as I don’t want you to have nothing to read here. So… although those are July goals I started with them a bit sooner.

No make-up challenge!

Being none of a beauty blogger neither a girl loving makeup I decided to do this. Try out, what it can do to my skin. Only for some occasions (like my boyfriend’s graduation or a photoshoot) I do wear concealer and powder. Plus mascara, which is no an evil to the skin. I already can see some difference except the last weekend when I got too stressed and my skin overplayed it a bit.

So! No make-up for whole July and probably also for August, why should we bother with foundation when it’s so hot outside.

Sporty challenge

This is more of my personal goal. I monitor my activity via S-Health for about two weeks. I found it quite difficult to make 10 000 steps a day, but another goal of those there is being ‘active’ for and hour a day. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a walk or a few KMs of inline skating, sometimes even cycling. But it should be an hour. This also isn’t very easy for someone who might love sports, but works by the pc. Now I’ve got too much work to finish, but hopefully it’ll get better. Those are times when I’m more than happy that we have a dog. Because we can go at least for a walk.

It’s all because the more work and school work I have, the less time and worse mood for any workouts and activities I have. I’m sad about it and want to change it. Now I moved back home for good so I’ll have the possibilities to walk a dog around fields and go inline skating as we have hundreds of kilometers of cycling paths in this area (in our town they’re starting in four directions, which is enough for me) and to all of them I get in maximum of 10 minutes from home. Everything is too close not to love it. What I hated about Brno was, that for a walk I could only go to the city and to get to a cycling path I had to get a bus or skate through the city, which was not really suited for it.

Finish my babies video

This goal is the sad one. Those of you who follow me on instagram already know that we have two puppies. I’ll have a good cry over letting them go, I love them a little too much. It’s difficult not to love them when they already love you from the very beginning. Anyway, to keep them in my mind for ever I’m making a video of their life in our home. They’re really happy and loved pups whom I hope will get as good new home as their first is. I’m working on this video for over a month and it will be ready in not more than two weeks. It will be cute, it will be fun and I will cry during both making and watching it.

This is all for July. I believe it’s enough. All of those points are kind of long-term ones and except the makeup challenge they are also quite time consuming.

I have a question. Are you in with me for any of the challenges? Both are perfect for summer and it could be fun to share experiences and results! I’ll keep them for both July and August and I’ll try to keep the sporty one also during our two weeks vacation (not sure about walking one, but being active could be partly possible), staying without makeup will be a piece of cake.

So, are you in? Or are those every-day practice for you? Let me know in the comments!

And if you don’t want to miss posts about results of the challenges, you can follow me here on WP, on other platforms.

See you soon!
Love, Michaela ♥

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2 thoughts on “Goals for July”

  1. Nevypadalo to tak, ale rozhodla jsem se vynechat make-up, tvarenky a prilis patlatek na oblicej. Plet mam hezkou, tak jen oboci, trochu korektoru a rasenku, protoze se mi zda, ze uz to placam spis ze zvyku. Minimalne pro prazdniny rozhodne 🙂



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