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Moving, graduation and crocodiles

Hello loves!

How did it happen that another week is almost at its end? I mean… I was at work, did a project for school, then went to work again, blinked and it’s weekend again. No yay after Friday this time as this weekend will be full of work by the pc and with total lack of sun and fun.

Oh, yes, something I didn’t mention – I moved out from Brno this week. I’m not leaving it yet (like for good), but I’m not going to live there any more. The time for a big new step has come. I wish to make my interest a real job. It won’t be easy at all, but I need and want to do it.

Moreover, I started to finally work on my thesis. Guys, it’s gonna be about… wait for it… discourse markers! To me it’s a pretty interesting topic, but writing any thesis is not an easy thing to do, so… yeah, wish me luck, please. I love the topic, I really like the people there around our faculty, but I absolutely dislike being a student. I’m fed up with all the troubles coming with being a student. I mean, studying itself is amazing, interesting, you get to know a lot new things and you find new challenges all the time, but the rest of it is exhausting.

Graduation! My beloved man graduated. I was really proud of  him, he worked really hard and deserved every sing moment of the graduation. Though I’m a sceptic and don’t appreciate some parts of those “acts”, it was a nice celebration. The whole trip took two days, because it’s not that close to our homes. And that was nice, we tried to enjoy it to the fullest.

The second day of the trip we stopped by to a crocodile zoo (unfortunately their web is only in Czech so far). It wasn’t our first time there, but it wasn’t a bit less amazing. Last time we saw a saltwater crocodile Golem jumping for a carp, this time we could hold an one-year-old mugger crocodile Tonda. I didn’t take my camera there, so hopefully you wouldn’t mind photos from phone.



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