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Weekend diary full of flowers

Hi guys!

 Those weeks are way too long. I expected things to get easier after finishing exams but… nothing changer. There is too much work to be finished yet. But to be fair, I get new ideas for posts and so while working on my job stuff, which I am writing down and trying to make them come real during pauses.

But I love it. I love working on photos for customers, I love meeting new people and making new friendships with them. It’s worth every moment not being able to enjoy my time off.

Anyway, we went to a botanical garden in Liberec – in northern Bohemia. And it was so charming! This is the time when lots of flowers are in bloom so the garden was truly amazing. And I loved their aquariums! You know, my boyfriend is a professional fisherman, dad loves aquariums and we had planty of them, now running just three and enjoying every new baby in them. What’s more, I could sped the weekend with both my parents and my boyfriend. We don’t actually have much free time to spend together with D., so we’re trying to use every moment possible.

In the garden I tried to make not only photos, but also a short video. The fish were too cool not to film them. Plus, This time I arranged the photos in a bit different way, as there is too many of them and bigger pictures would make you scroll like crazy.

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