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Simple but nice summer outfit

Hello sunshines!

The summer has finally come. Except it’s raining while I’m writing this. Doesn’t matter, people need to rest, right? The temperature is nice, though. I mean… You can wear summer clothes but don’t sweat anytime you go out from an air-conditioned building.

This week we are travelling a bit more than usual, so it won’t be easy to blog as much as I’d like to. I have so much reading to catch up! So miss reading about your new topics and experiences. For example now I’m on my way to see D., who has his state exam just today.

But the positive side of this week is, that there will be a weekend diary after ages. And the second positive – I’ve finished my exams so I really can have fun and write about it instead of lying in books.

To this outfit. I literally love this top. It’s from Mango and it’s unbelievably comfy. The material is super soft and makes it the best top for too warm summer days. It might be last year’s collection, however, I’m not going to leave it behind. Actually, there are many tops and dresses following the same trends, but none of them I held in my hands was so nice to my skin.

And denim shorts? I basically live in them. When you work as a photographer, you need to be dressed comfortably and casually. Skirts are not the best choice as you don’t have time to care about walking and sitting and anything else like a lady, so shorts are the perfect conclusion. Obviously. The only exception is wedding day. There… well, you know, even photographers have to be dressed up, at least a bit.

Are you into this of the shoulder trend girls? I love it. It looks so beautiful… the only disadvantage is that you can’t put your arms above head. Well… that’s women’s world, I guess.

Have a nice day, guys!

DSC_0717 kopieDSC_0738 kopieDSC_0701 kopieDSC_0704 kopieDSC_0764 kopieDSC_0778 kopieDSC_0782 kopie

Top: Mango
Shorts: Stradivarius
Shoes: Baťa
Earrings: I am
Choker: Bijou Brigitte

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