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Sunday in pink

Hello loves!

Question for girls – do you like pink? I’m not a huge fan of pink and mostly I don’t feel like myself while wearing it, but when it’s just a part of an outfit, it actually can be really nice even to me.

Question for boys – do you like girls wearing pink?

Yesterday my boyfriend brought me a bouquet of lily of the valley. I love those flowers as my grandma used to have those and now he found out his grandma had them, too. So I had to make a photo of me with them to show him how happy I was and to show the world how beautiful those flowers were.

To have the photos beautiful I decided to combine it with a pink frilled top from New Yorker (quite an old one, but still looking good) and white denim jacket. The colours were soft and with wisteria in bloom looked simply romantic. What didn’t fit into this photos is the rest of the outfit. I paired it with straight dark blue jeans and white Converse shoes.  We didn’t manage to take a photo of the whole outfit as it started to rain heavily.

What are your favourite flowers? I love so many, but just few of them has some story in my heart.

And yes, I’m two days late with the post after taking those photos. Well… exams, thank you.

DSC_8191 webDSC_8195 kopieDSC_8199 webDSC_8201 kopieDSC_8204 kopieDSC_8208 kopieDSC_8210 kopie

Jacket: Pietro Filipi
Top: New Yorker
Ear cuff: Bijou Brigitte

12 thoughts on “Sunday in pink”

    1. Děkuju, Andri! 🙂 určitě to byl insta, na facebooku ještě nejsou, dala jsem volbu muži, z čeho bude profilovka a je ještě míň rozhodný než já 😀


    1. You are so right! I think as the pastels look good with blonde hair, the dark colours suit perfectly to darker hair shades. 🙂

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