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How to survive this exam period

Hello there!

Are you on this boat with me? Exams are like hell for me, the more when we have about million subjects to finish during just few weeks. To make it clear, I enjoy learning new things, I really like my school and teachers. The thing I dislike is the end of the semester. There are schools out there where people have just a couple of subjects to finish. We usually have around fifteen. Good, isn’t it?

All in all, for all students it’s not an easy time. We need to plan our time perfectly to the every last minute of a day and the more exams you do have, the more effectively you need to study so you don’t have to retake more exams than necessary.

I remember as I had the most trouble when I started studying at uni. High school was easy peasy, which made university studies even harder.

Then, if you are not a genius and would use some tips (there are tons of advice out on the internet, but I decided to write down the few that really work for me), shortened and tested, look below.

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Plan your exams wisely

Before exams you should already know what materials you should use and know how much of it will be there to get into your head. Then plan your exams so as you have some time to prepare for each exam if possible.

Make a timetable

Sounds like back to elementary school, right? Doesn’t matter. During all those exam periods I had to survive I found out that a real timetable works well. Because when you don’t have one then it’s too easy to say to yourself ‘I’ll start in an hour’ many times, until it can be late. That’s why I make the timetable. I see that I have to start studying at f.e. 8 am and that if I want to watch any episode of my favourite TV series I need to wait until lunch.

Write it down.

I always make notes. Who doesn’t? Actually, in many subjects we get some materials which are enough and sometimes even more than we need to know for an exam. I always highlight the points I need to memorize and then write it down in a good way to remember it better. And then, when I do this and go through it all, I write once more – the structure. All the important things that make the topic be itself. Just to make the topic clearer and to be sure nothing is messed up.

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Take breaks

If your breaks doesn’t take longer of your studying day than the studying itself, then you don’t need to be afraid of them. Our brains are not able to focus on anything for longer than 45 minutes. And I found out that for me 20 minute periods work best. When you need your breaks more often, like I do, then it’s enough to go for a little snack or make a dring or anything, what doesn’t last too long. Just a few minutes of doing something else. Then, every two or so hours you can take a bit longer break. I use to go to the garden to play with my dog for a while or for a short walk around the river. It makes a huge difference when you let your brain relax for a while.

Don’t hurry with your lunch

We all need to eat. And we all are sleepy after eating. That’s why there’s no need to eat your meal quickly and go to study immediately after that. Eat it, watch an episode from your favourite series or go for a walk. Let the whole lunch last for an hour. If you are studying hard the whole day, you deserve to rest a bit. And then, for me it’s best not to study longer than until 8 pm. My brain worked a lot during the day and is not able to remember anything else without messing it up.

Think about your snacks

Chocolate is amazing and I’m definitely team ‘sugar is better than diet’, but to be honest exam period is the perfect time for gaining weight. So if you don’t want your summer body to make a farewell goodbye party, eat fruit or nuts instead. Both your body and brain will thank you soon.

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4 thoughts on “How to survive this exam period”

  1. Great post. I remember a lot of practice around every topic of every subject with a fear that all the questions in the finals will be trick questions. You are absolutely right— a good plan is the key. Have a wonderful weekend.

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