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Weekend in Krkonoše

Not long ago couple of friends and family members and I went to spend a weekend in a mountain hub. In the highest range of Czechia, Krkonoše. I actually love this range and am trying to explore it as often as I can. It’s not close enough to be able to go there very often, but I’ve been there couple of times and there are many opportunities comming, I believe.

In fact, this time it was my coldest visit there. We always managed to go to Krkonoše during summer break, but this time we chose Easter break. Which showed up as an almost winter trip. It was snowing twice then. After a days, maybe weeks, of spring in full bloom. Well, weather changed our plans.

Anyway, we went for a few walks (I took photos only on the first one as it was the only day with really beautiful sunny sky) and had a really nice time up there. I was to hold a photoshoot for a beaded jewelery designer, which didn’t take place and I wasn’t the reason (usually I’m like ‘oh, I’m not in the mood for that, can we just forgot we should do something?’, but this time I was pretty looking forward to it as I simply love photographing commercials). My answer to this situation was taking my very close friend and make a model out of her.

I have no idea when will be the next time we can go there, but hopefully soon. It’s not in plan for the following couple of months so no more photos from Krkonoše soon. But other good things are hopefully comming instead.

Do you enjoy time in mountains? I mean those sporty and fresh days going up and down the hills and mountains, the untouched nature? I love it. Maybe it’s the reason for most of the travel posts being from mountains.

Enjoy your Thursday, guys!

Love, Michaela

DSC_6608 kopieDSC_6610 kopieDSC_6611 kopieDSC_6620 kopieDSC_6616 kopie

5 thoughts on “Weekend in Krkonoše”

  1. My husband has told me many nice stories of his trips to Krkonoše. He was born and raised in Prague. He only came to the U.S. when he was in his late 20s.

    I do hope to someday go to Krkonoše. I’m not a skier, but obviously from your photos it is a beautiful place. I do like to hike.

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  2. Those are stunning views, Michaela, and that lovely pop of neon green in your beanie and top does the rest. Secondly, my tongue is in tangles trying to pronounce the name of this beautiful place! Before I get there one day, surely I should be able to master it by then? Hmm.

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