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5 perfect spring hairstyles from instagram

Do you also have the same problem when you get up in the morning? I mean “what should I do with my hair??” I usually just brush it, make a quick ponytale (sometimes) and go. But there are days when it’s not raining and I have a bit more time to make myself looking a bit better. And those are the days which are in need of a little inspiration.

1. Monday

Straight hair, not messy at all, sounds like my hair without a night with a bun. Part your hair in the middle, use a serum or something that keeps it not messy and here we go. An easy one for Monday for me!

2. Tuesday

For most people it is probably the third day hair, for me it’s sometimes the second. “Don’t care” ponytail is that one I wear all the time. To make it a bit cooler, keep some hair out of the ponytail and maybe give the tail a bit of volume.

3. Wednesday

For student Wednesdays it needs something more glam. Maybe not for a night in a pub, but sometimes are much cooler things going on in the city. For me this works with tons of hair spray. If you don’t need that much of it, lucky you!

4. Thursday

After a long night… with your hair full of hairspray and in my case remains of waves the easiest hairstyle is this big messy ponytail. Keep a trickle out of your hairband to hide it, pin it and go.

5. Friday

I love Fridays! I so enjoy them, am in a good mood whole day and I love to celebrate such a nice days with a nice updo. This is really beautiful inspiration, but it’s absolutely up to everyone, mostly I make just the messy bun, sometimes with a twist, mostly without it.

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Do you have any hair “custom”? If yes, what is that? And are you going to try any of those?

Men, do you like some of those your women wearing? 🙂

See you soon,
love, Michaela ♥

22 thoughts on “5 perfect spring hairstyles from instagram”

  1. I’m a student, a boy, and reading this post is really interesting, to know more about life of girls and women 😀 I did love seeing those hairstyles because they give your life more flavors to enjoy each day 🙂
    Thank you for sharing, and I would love to share this to my friend!
    Wish you a nice weekend, Michaela 🙂


    1. It’s not really easy to be a woman 😀
      Yes, I think it’s nicer and more fun to see women with more hairstyles than just one or two 🙂

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  2. Lovely ideas. Only I end up with the ponytail or the bun without the braids. I am terrified of back brushing. During my wedding, the hairstylist did such a lot of it that I believe almost 50 per cent of my hair fell off on that momentous day. The part I am thankful about it is that I had enough hair to spare but I do not think I would like to anymore 😉


    1. I hate back brushing too, just from time to time I do it myself, as I try to do it gently and then use lots of oil and a tangle teezer to keep all my hair where it belongs. I hate those hairdressers who don’t care about the hair.

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  3. My hair is not long enough (yet) to make a ponytail but because it’s curly I leave it loose, sometimes I look like a lion


    1. It will get long soon, I believe 🙂 I always tended to envy those curly hair, as you don’t have the problem as I have that it looks like I had almost no hair 🙂

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      1. We always want what we don’t have 😄 when I was younger I envied straight hair!


  4. My hair is getting long, and I love doing a high ponytail. It’s easy and looks really classic to me. That, and I don’t have too much time to do my hair in the morning XD


    1. That’s right! High ponytail looks always good. Even without back brushing. And it’s so quick and covers everything! 😀

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  5. Really good advice!No matter what I do with my hair it seems to look like a mess so I usually jus throw it into a bun and go!


    1. I do the same, but not because of my hair looking messy, but because it looks too thin to do anything with it 🙂 But buns are the best thing ever! And suit everyone!

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    1. Right, they do 🙂 but it’s not that complicated to wear mess bun or ponytail with fine hair, it’s just not that huge. Which I like much more than those giant hairstyles 🙂



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