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5 things you shouldn’t miss in Prague

Hi travellers!

Are you heading to Prague (capital of Czech Republic) for the first time? Or the second, but your not sure if you tried everything interesting? Are you wandering what to do to have a good time? You can take guides and go around all the important touristic places and monuments. But if you are a bit like me and don’t like those mainstream activities (just partly, there still are things I love to do which tourists do too) but prefer to enjoy the place with it’s atmosphere, then here we go, don’t miss this!

1. Lennon’s wall

Young tourists use to come there. It’s near Kampa (home palce to artists through decades) and people are allowed to draw or write there. Of course everyone prefers a nice drawings than just “I love xy” writen just to leave something there. The original purpose was to keep a reminders to people that life is good and never just black and white. There were times when someone (maybe a government, later extremists, who knows) painted it white. But it never took a long time to renew it and make it bright, colourful and optimistic again.

DSC_0139 webDSC_0133 kopie

2. Náplavka

 When you cross the river (or if you going there by metro, the closest station is Karlovo náměstí or by tram I usually také Palackého náměstí) you can go down by stairs to the waterfront. From Spring to Autumn people go for a drink there, have a good time and relax. This is the place where I managed to drink my first beer. I don’t really drink beer but I had to try one of the fruity ones. And yes, I could drink the whole small one. Goal achieved!

3. Trdelník

I have no idea how traditional it really is, but I’m sure that if you love sweets as I do, you’ll deffinitely enjoy this. In the past few years they even started to fill it with icecream or just whipped cream. I haven’t tried the filled one so far, but the simple ones are amazing. To make it clearer – the batter is like a yeast pie, soft, fluffy and delicious. You can buy it almost everwhere, but mostly I meet the stands around Karlův most (Charles’ bridge) or Staroměstské náměstí (Old town square). You can have it with nuts, cinnamon, cocoa and so on on the top of the pie. And when you’re somewhere there, please, take a walk through the Bridge and take a look at Čertovka. Look it up. You’ll like it. There’s lovers’ bridge, too.

DSC_0087 web

DSC_0090 kopieDSC_0098 kopieDSC_0100 kopieDSC_0140 webDSC_0142 kopie

4. Gardens at Petřín lookout tower

Usually people go to Petřín by little train to see the tower and mirror labyrinth. And yes, go there, it’s fun. Just, if you want to, walk up there, especially if the nature started blooming already. The whole hill is covered by gardens which are so beautiful, both during Spring and Summer! They’re also beautiful during Autumn, probably, but I haven’t been there during the season. Anyway, those gardens are a must. Trust me.

DSC_6280 kopieDSC_6282 kopieDSC_6286 kopie

5. Prokopské údolí

This is nature reservation. I love nature and when in Prague I need to breath for a while. There’s no more to say about it, just if you want to run away from the rushing city, this is an option. For me the best way to get ther is taking a bus no. 120 from “Na knížecí” to “Nádraží Hlubočepy” (Hlubočepy station).

There are so many places to see and things to try… it’s hard to make a top 5. Fortunately, this is not a last post about Prague. 🙂

Love, Michaela ♥

DSC_6317 kopieDSC_6312 kopieDSC_6319 kopieDSC_6309 kopie

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19 thoughts on “5 things you shouldn’t miss in Prague”

    1. You shouldn’t miss this when you walk from Charles Bridge to Lenon’s wall, it’s a tiny bridge 🙂
      If you have a chance, go and visit Prague, this is just a tiny part of everrything worth seeing there!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Memories of Prague came rushing back. Somehow I could not fall for the chimney cake, not in Zakopane (Poland) where I first had it or in Prague or Budapest. However I do love the smell of it baking away. Btw the shot of that entertainer, all dressed up and armed with the pipe, by the river is lovely!


    1. The smell is mostly better for me, too. Eating it for years I became picky and don’t like any I meet. But I understand, there are many people who hate it here 🙂
      Thank you, he used to be on the Charles bridge, haven’t seen him for ages!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I did not spot him though and I was there just last December. I would have been thoroughly chuffed to lay my eyes on such a uniquely dressed entertainer. He looks quite like he belongs in another world 😀


        1. Yes, he does 😀 He is really nice. But I’ve only seen him there during summer, so maybe he’s there only during the break 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

  2. My first trip abroad without parents was to Prague. I was 16 back then. This post brings back great memories and makes me want to plan a new visit. 🙂


    1. Reading this makes me happy! 🙂 Actually, I went there without my parents and on my own for the first time, too. And it was so much fun!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautiful photos. Prague looks like a great place to visit. These photos remind me of why I loved traveling to Europe–the beauty, history and of course, the food. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Dobry den! [No, I don’t really speak much Czech, but my husband is a Czech.]

    It was nice to learn about some places I’ve not seen in Prague. My husband is a Prager. I’ve been there several times to visit his family. I think he’s mentioned Lenin’s wall, and I have been to Petrin hill.



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