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Frozen days

Hi people!

Last few Winters were weird. Not much snow, quite “warm” (above zero) and just not as I imagine real Winter. This year it still is not perfect yet it’s been much better than the last one.

Hopefully we will make new Winter photoshoot soon. But now we’re both dealing with exam period so there’s not much time for playing around with a camera. I can’t wait!

Do you like Winter guys? Not many people around me are so into this season only because it’s too cold and the days are short. Just since they focus on things they dislike they don’t see all the beautiful positives. What a pity for them. I love cheecks on fire because of the low temperatures, snow crunching under your feet, getting warm with a cup of hot cocoa and competing with wind while skiing. Soon guys, soon!


Cap: Kama
Cardigan: Reserved


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