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Christmas films I can watch anytime

Hello guys!

I’m back with few films. Those are the ones I can watch every single Christmas time. And most of them during whole winter.

Three Wishes for Cinderella

Not Christmas film exactly. This is a story happening during wintertime. It’s made in former Czechoslovakia. But trust me, this Cinderella story is worth it. If you will be able to find it in English, let me know. I’m sure it’s available in Czech, German, Russian and many other languages.


Love Actually

My most favourite British film. Amazing cast. Stories that become connected. We all know this one. There’s nothing more to say.

The Holiday

Another like that. Is there anyone who hasn’t seen it yet? I don’t think so. If not, then change it.

Father Frost

Second fairytale. Well, Russia in Winter, magic, witch, Ivan and Nastia. Every single year! It is still funny.

Well, this is all from me today. Which films are your favourites? I din’t forget Home Alone… I like it but don’t have to see it every year. Do you?


5 thoughts on “Christmas films I can watch anytime”

  1. It’s a great idea to make a list of Christmas holiday films! Thanks for the recommendations, I will check these out. I haven’t seen any of these aside from Love Actually. I also like to watch the classic film White Christmas.

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