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My Christmas playlist

Hi sweethearts!

I still can’t got the right Christmas mood. You all know it, exams… ruin all festive highlits. But! What does really help me when I’m desperate is music. Christmas music. Actually, during exams I prefer classical music as they don’t sing there usually… and then, after the most difficult two weeks at all there comes the true Christmas time with Sinatra and Dean.

Well, get inspired, if you want to, those are my most favourite ♥

What are your favourite Christmas songs? Let me get to know your taste 🙂

No more words than this. Need to get back to studying. See you soon!

Love, Michaela


6 thoughts on “My Christmas playlist”

  1. Haha! When it comes to Christmas, the cheesier it is, the merrier I am. This time of year my musical tastes fly right out the window. Bring on the hackneyed, the trite, the eye-rollingly over played, and crank it to 11 whilst I throw tinsel at the tree and mainline eggnog and fruitcake. Nat King Cole! Steve and Eydie! Andre Kostelanetz! Bing! Ray Conniff! Ferrante and Teicher! LIBERACE!!

    You get the idea. I have no friends.


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