5 most amazing bridal trends for upcoming season

Hello sweethearts!

This Autumn I attended a Wedding show as every last few seasons. This season I decided to think more about it. As the show is mostly for local people, the fashion shops are focused on trends that are going to sell here.

Fortunately almost every fashion studio has at least touched some trends of last season, which is amazing, but I personally fell in love with the new trends, which (at least some of them) are pretty cool and absolutely new after the last couple of seasons.

I’ve chosen few trends I’m really into of couple of brands that are really interesting. Here, where I live, is usual that we have bridal studios where you can borrow the dress you love. Firstly, it’s a lot cheaper. Secondly, women here mostly don’t want to spend their fortune on a dress they’re going to wear just once in a lifetime. And then care about cleaning it and storing it and so on. That’s why I can’t promise you that you can actually buy all of those dresses. Anyway, I believe that most of them will be available.

1. Tea lenght

2. Long sleeves

3. Statement earrings

4. Bold shoulder

5. Jumpsuit



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