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Navy blue Autumn outfit

Hello guys!

I’m late today, I know. Last week was a bit crazy and I didn’t get to postprocessing those photos soon enough. But it’s done now and I can show you.

The photos are taken in area of the Hluboká castle – one of two of my favourite castles in the Czech Rep. Lednice is the first one (Lednice, one of the most beautiful castles I know.) I’ve been there for a weekend. I was not able to take many photos (we’ve been to a crocodil

e zoo and had a very nice walk around České Budějovice, hopefully next time I will document it) but we used the last day there.

As you might have noticed, I love blue and the dark shades are my favourites. Maybe that’s why this blog is called Blueberry Lace 🙂

I’m in love with the coat. It’s a coat which looks sporty and it’s actually the second coat that isn’t custom made. I prefer custom coats as the bought ones are not always suitable for my body. It’s funny, but it’s difficult to have the right (and comfortable for me) posture.

What ever. Do you like navy blue? And do you prefer more sporty looks to the elegant ones?


Coat: Stradivarius

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