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October favourites

Another month has gone. September. What does september mean here in the Czech Republic?

Back to school! I am not going to create any back-to-school post as this time of year is already over. And I am over this year. I don’t feel like going back there and most of the world started a month sooner than I did.

1. Sunflowers

Those beauties make my day anytime. And at the beginning of September they’re literaly everywhere. But in flowershops they are whole Autumn. This time I decided to enjoy sunflowers in a photoshoot and loved it. The photoshoot itself was pretty fun and then the result showed up as something I kind of really like. Watch.


2. Adele – Send My Love

What should I say? Love this songs. Makes the longer evenings nicer.

3. Chuck Taylors

Well, temperatures go lower, leaves turn colourful and my heart dances from happiness. Not only because the warm colours and cozy evenings. I can wear sneakers again without hating the heat. And Converse are the sneakers for every possible situation. Maybe not to theatre but for school definitely.

4. Rimmel London – Kate’s lip balm

I’ve been testing this one for whole month. And yes, it became one of my favourites. There’s nothing else that needs to be said. It hydrates really well and keeps your lips all natural. Love this!


5. “Tofík”

Caramel sweet, amazing hot, perfectly fits a cup. Great choice for long Autumn evenings. I must admit this is not a Spring or Summer treat for me. I don’t like it without the tea. If you can, try this. Or at least something similar 🙂 I think they call it belgian waffle or something like this.



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