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5 best instagram-worth outfits

Hello guys!

It’s a new week again, right? In two months time we will be celebrating New Year! Are you looking forward to the next chapter?

One note to you. Had a thought of why did I ignore Halloween come on your minds? Well, it’s not a custom where I live and for me today (remembering our dead) is much more important. Asking why? Remembering our death is about the people we loved and who loved us. Not about ourselves and having fun. There probably will be time when I’ll think about Halloween and will do some posts about it, too. But not this year. Not yet πŸ™‚

Enough! Let’s get inspired!

I love the dress. And I love the hat. I need to go and buy another hat. I feel like this outfit and whole photo is more Winter than Autumn and that might be why I love it so much. But studs, details, not small patterns but the dress being the pattern itself, that’s what’s important now!

Are you fans of this all-somecolour-outfits? I am in case it’s my favourite colour. What I like more is one colour outfit with details and hints of a contrasting colour. Whoa, is it even possible to write a word colour so many times in just one paragraph? Well, welcome to my head!

And white? Is there any more perfect colour? Many of you are probably more into black, but white gives your faces much nicer light.

Back to Halloween. Yes. I did pick one theme pic. As I love the makeup. There are too many makeup looks alike. This is different. This is why I loved it.

Back to normal life. Almost all blue. Shirt-like top. A bit of glitter. What else do I need to say?

I’m a huge fan of capes and when you shake a cape with camel… you get pure perfection.

Which trend of those is your favourite? Which would you go for?


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