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Waiting for sunset in Eftang

Those few days were amazing. We found out how does it work in Vestfold with buses (you have a time ticket) and our tent was standing right on a beach. Well, yes, it rained the whole afternoon we came there but it was actually good for us as we could take a rest.

The wind was really strong. At first we thought it was a storm coming. Wel, it wasn’t. Just strong wind. Very strong unles you stayed hidden.

The first days in Ula I was observing where the sun goes down and I found out our position wasn’t good for sunsets. And I hoped Eftang was better. Well, yes, it was. But… who would be willing to wait there until like midnight or so? So I caught something near to sunset. Well, I’m not going to lie, the sunset photo is one of my favourites.

Eftang is probably something as a village, I have to admit we didn’t go there. We enjoyed the sea and almost no people, which was amazing after a camp full of children. The coast was windy and quite calm but pure. I loved it there and was sorry for leaving too soon. There’s not much to tell you about this place as I don’t know much and we mostly stayed close to our tent – the weather was not exactly friendly. Anyway, all the photos of Norway hanging around my place are from this place.

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