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Perfect colours for Autumn Sundays

Hi to you all!

This time I’m here with another cozy outfit, this time for Autumn. After long days of rain the sun came out and the temperature was good enough for just a sweater. I had to go out for a while. It is such an amazing feeling when you can actually go out without an umbrella.

What more, our park is turning colourful already and that’s something I love. Do you know I love Autumn? I kind of like all of the seasons but I guess that Autumn and Winter are my favourite. Autumn is so cozy and has warming colours I love. And Winter? Forget skiing (that is a huge reason). Don’t you love how everything is so calm, silent and pure covered with snow?

Anyway… I have this sweater for ages and I still love it. This yellow is like the only one I can wear and looks good with literally every other colour.

For Autumn especially I prefer oversized sweaters, jumpers and coats. I don’t know even why, I just feel better wearing it.

How do you feel wearing yellow? Are you brave enough? 🙂


Hat: Reserved
Sweater: Reserved
Ring: I am
Jeans: Mango
Sneakers: Lotto


24 thoughts on “Perfect colours for Autumn Sundays”

  1. Very nice! I am afraid of yellow – I should try it out more. Looks really nice paired with jeans and the blue hat. Inspiring look!


  2. The photos are fantastic. I am enthralled with the one where you’re holding the leaf in front of your face. I am chuckling at all the people saying they can’t wear yellow.
    Just wrote on that in my blog Chapstick. So funny.

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  3. Mustard yellow, burnt orange and all autumn colours are among my favorites. They cheer me up, and make me feel warm.
    Nice pictures, too. You have an eye for capturing the serene beauty of autumn nature.


  4. Enjoyed all the photos. Yellow becomes you but I would not choose it as I look distinctly unwell in yellow! The autumn colors are very beautiful though. Thank you!


  5. I love your pictures and perspective of fall and for bringing out the good side to winter. I think many of us look past these things when the cold hits us. I have been enlightened.



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