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3 workout videos I love this month

Hi people!

Summer is definitevely over, right? Well, for me it doesn’t mean quit of moving. Actually I have lack of time for sports and workout. The more this year when the summer was really unusual – cold and rainy ar too hot. Autumn means getting back into shape as winter is coming and my body will suffer a bit. If you want to know my guide videos for this month or just get inspired, here we go!

1. Tone it up!

Even though they now how to do much nicer intros, the workouts itselves are still one of the best for me. I love that it’s not that long if you don’t want to repeat it many times and they make you try really hard. At least they make me try really hard 😉 And the sea? I wish there was some near me.

2. Boho Beautiful

You know, sometimes you need to calm down. I love cardios but this is something I do enjoy from time to time. What more, this couple makes me want to get out of my comfort place and start discovering a lot more than I do.

3. BeFiT

I like this one because the base is really short. It happens – you have too much work to be done and no time for anything. But you want to do you workout anyway. What else need to be said? The only thing I dislike about this video is the background music.  Sorry, just personal preference.

I don’t follow exactly any of those videos, usually it’s just an inspiration to me. But to avoid doing still the same one needs that inspiration from time to time. Do you work out? Which chanels are your favourite?


11 thoughts on “3 workout videos I love this month”

  1. May have to look in to the yoga one. That’s pretty much all I do for strength. For cardio, I like to walk. Hope these help you get ready for winter.



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