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3 top hairstyles from last week

Hello you all,

this time I was charmed by a few hairstyles and I decided to choose the three best ones. My most favourite for now and those I need to wear whole autumn.

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braids 😍😁 thank you @daniellepriano !!!

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This is not new, right.But as winter gets closer and I get excited for slope fun, braids make a huge comeback for me every year. As a bonus it always look great and why couldn’t we wear some else than just french braid?

Another one of my favourites. There can’t be easier updo. Definitely the to-go hairstyle. Of course I love more complicated updos but to be honest I never want to get up for work earlier than I really have to. So… if you work in office as I do… do you love this one too?

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πŸ’•thank you for having me @miumiu!! πŸ’•

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To the easiest. Natural waves are a love of my life (I actually cant wear it as my hair don’t listen and stays straight) and middle part is life this season. If you can do it (I mean if it suits you) then do it.

Which of those you like? And are you going to try any? I definitely will. And which hairstyle is your most favourite like not only from those three?

4 thoughts on “3 top hairstyles from last week”

  1. I am still looking for that ideal hairstyle that will suit my face, my hair, and my lifestyle.


    1. Yes, this is not easy. I found many hairstyles for many occasions but I guess there isn’t the one and only perfect one πŸ˜”

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