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Postcards from Ula

Hi guys!

First days in Southern Norway were tough. And than we finally came to Ula. The journey there took us 3 days and made us totally exhausted. The more we fell in love with this tiny village. First we  enjoyed was a lottle harbour and the second? Camp. And two sand beaches. You can bet we enjoyed that place to the fullest. Few days of relaxing and exploring.

And waiting fo sunset. But that is a story for next post…

For me? The happiest place in Vestfold. Have a look with me!

DSC_1999 kopieDSC_2005 kopieDSC_2026 kopiedsc_2010-kopiedsc_2063-kopiedsc_2067-kopiedsc_2074-kopiedsc_2076-kopiedsc_2084-kopiedsc_2092-kopiedsc_2116-kopiedsc_2120-kopiedsc_2128-kopiedsc_2135-kopiedsc_2136-kopiedsc_2137-kopiedsc_2321-kopiedsc_2323-kopie

What was your summer destination? And if you have ever been to Norway – what did you enjoy the best?

If you haven’t read it yet, check First expressions from Vestfold.


16 thoughts on “Postcards from Ula”

  1. These are stunning (the most appealing one for me being the last one with the waffles of course)! I’ve always wanted to go to Norway. ❤


  2. Wow what a wonderful place! I love Iceland and I hope one day I can live there at least for a while so I think Norway is a wonderful place to visit too!! As i understand you’ve been there this summer, so you plan to go back one day?


    1. Iceland is amazing, another of the places I wish to visit. Hope we both will 🙂 Yes, you are right, I am planning to go there soon again, to see a bit more 🙂


      1. Yes I hope it too and I wish it for you! Not a lot of people like northern countries. I happened to be a great fan of sunny places, but with time and after being in Iceland I changed my mind. I like both kind of countries, but living for a while in place so full of nature and silence is a dream I hope I can make real soon! 😉 Yes I read another post of yours about your plans of going back, I think it’s a great idea… when you go the second time you have more chances to see new spots and relax more… 🙂


        1. That’s true, not many people dream about those places. But I think all of them like photos from there 🙂 Yes, living in country like this must be amazing, nice people, breathtaking views… Good luck with it 😉
          Exactly. You can plan it much better and get to know much more 🙂

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