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5 fashion moments from last week

Hello sweethearts!

October is here and another week is over. To welcome this one I decided to go through the best fashion moments on instagram. It’s fashion month, isn’t it?

1. Chiara

Who said headbands are over? Who said headbands are for little girls? I love hair accessories as well as I love ear cuffs. It’s my way how to avoid huge necklaces. And looking girly is simply good.

2. Kristina

Kristina is one of the first fashion bloggers I started to watch. And those shoes are simply perfect…

3.Dolce & Gabbana

Do you love sequins? I never knew but this season makes them so appropriate for every day that I need this trend in my closet right now.

4. Megan

Last option to wear shorts, at least here in central Europe. Plus shirts are everything for me right now.

5. Leonie

I love Leonie’s style with all those ruffles and freedom. And this 70’s looks? Still on point!

Which of those moments do you like the most? And do you have your favourite one from last week?

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