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The most comfortable outfit for last hot days

Hi people!

Which season are you fan of? Is it summer? If not… welcome to my world. I love water and summer break – as it’s almost 3 months long, but that’s it. I haven’t figured out how to fight the heat yet.

Anyway. In Chocolate and zoo you could see we went to a zoo to enjoy the last days of our break and we chose one of the hottest days in September. So I picked the best dress ever for a day like this.

Flat sandals are a must for more than 5 hours of walking. And this type of dress? Yes, you can eat as much as you want! Perfect.

And pictures? He imagines the result absolutely differently than I do. Always trying to make me laugh.

How did you enjoy last summer guys? Are you as excited about autumn as I am?


Sunglasses: Bijou Brigitte
Dress: Mango
Watch: Asos
Bag: I am
Shoes: Baťa

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5 thoughts on “The most comfortable outfit for last hot days”

  1. Bravo! An excellent summer ensemble reflecting the lively and robust sensuality of the summer season. Thank you for sharing. By the way you look terrific.



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