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Chocolate and zoo

Hello guys!

Well, yes, I didn’t get this post done on Monday, I’m sorry for that. School has started and there is more and more work every hour. But what did we do last week?

We went to a zoo! And as a bonus D. decided to go to chocolaate shop. It was so delicious! It’s part of a castle with really beautiful garden (we did few outfit photos for this week) which I really enjoyed as we were there in the morning – which means gorgeous light! And It felt a bit autumn-like already. This is something I simply love. The light, the colours, the air… just autumn. I can’t wait.

Then, after visiting D.’s friend’s restaurant we finally went to the zoo! I must say… this is one of the most beautiful zoos I’ve been to. If you were once somewhere around here… go and visit this. It’s not very well-known place (I really have no idea whether I should call it town or city) in the world I guess… but if you know Baťa shoes – this is the home of this company. Ok, it’s in Zlín – Zoo Lešná.

As usually… I could have taken more pictures. Maybe I’ll learn to think about it, but now I still don’t remember. Any single time.

If you don’t know what to do this weekend – go to zoo. It’s so nice and fun! The more when the weather is nice.

Have a nice day guys. And tell me in comments, have you been to a zoo lately? Where? Which is your favourite one? Tell me, where should we go next time?


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