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5 reasons to fall in love with southern Norway

Norway is a huge country everybody at least heard of. You hear about and see photos of famous fjords and national parks, but there is much more about this place. Who wants to see Norway goes to Bergen and northern. I decided to try something different. And it was worth it.

Here are the 5 reasons I fell in love with this part of Norway and you might too.

1. So nice people!

Sure all Scandinavian people are nice but I bet in this part of Norway they feel more optimistic (because of the weather? maybe) and they’re so friendly and many of them really talkative. You can meet someone camping at the same place as you are and just have a nice little (or long, depends) chat with them… which is so sweet! When you can sit on the grass and watch the see and chat and simply enjoy your day in this amazing country… that is really cool.

2. Hot weather

Obviously, the southern you go the hotter the weather should be. Probably we were extremely lucky and had the most amazing summer there. But yes, in this part of Norway is nature and air much friendlier than anywhere else. It was even friendlier than in central England – and it should be at least pretty alike. Well, it wasn’t. Of course it depends on the time of year you choose. My little tip – go at the end of July or at the beginning of August. That time is supposed to by summer-like.

3. Beaches

Well, I guess beaches are almost everywhere. But imagine norwegian beach where you can go not only for a picnic but you can go swimming. This is a part of their summer. Camping near a beach, swimming in a hot (for them) sea… barbecue at a seaside. The atmosphere there is heartstealing and I am pretty sure we’ll go back there to enjoy this again.

4. Sweet seaside towns

When you come to any of the towns there… you just feel the sea, see Scandinavia and notice the Mediterranean atmosphere. I don’t know how this could happen. But when you come there you see typical Scandinavia. The houses, streets, fashion… but going through the centre you just feel the relaxed Mediterranean.

5. Tiny islands

I am sure this kind of “islands” is not only in this little corner of the world… But to be honest I have never seen those anywhere else before. You’ll see some photos. If you are there – consider taking a boat and go enjoy this view from another perspective. It definitely is worth it. Going around this rocky peaks looking out of salt water is something a bit different than calm fjords. Experience! Right?

Are you interested in more photos from Vestfold and our first expressions? Here: First expressions from Vestfold

DSC_2026 kopie




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