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Wine and anniversary

Hello guys!

This week was too short. The shorter was the weekend. I must admit I haven’t taken many photos as this week wasn’t about this blog but about D. and me. Guess what! It’s our first anniversary today! And we (obviously) wanted to celebrate it a bit. You know, first year together is important. First vacation, first arguments, family time, plans… to me this is such and important time. You have space to find out whether it’s worth it or not. And for us it still is worth everything.

Anyway. Why did we decide to celebrate this the weekend before? It’s simple. It all started (like officially) during a wine festival. Which took place this past weekend again. This festival is all about wine and regional traditions. You know hopefully every country in the world keeps it’s traditions and so do we. And bet that our traditional costumes are as amazing as could be. And 100% European. Looove it! I have a few photos to share with you, don’t worry.

So that’s it. The weekend was amazing. We went for a steak and then had some wine and the other day went to a costume parade and later just had a barbecue at home. Sweet time! And I promise you that the last part of our important time we will take more pictures. Because we are planning one pretty fun day. It’s my last week of summer break so we want to enjoy it. And you might too.

So have look at the photos below and tell me, do you like those costumes? And what did you do this weekend? I’m curious ♥

Love, Michaela


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6 thoughts on “Wine and anniversary”

  1. They look like Tamburitzans! Haven’t thought of them in years. Those photos just made my week – thank you! 😀


    1. I googled Tamburitzans and they look quite cool! In those photos there are usual people in traditional clothes. Just some of them are professional dancers or musicians 🙂

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