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Fishing and a show with my little princess

Hey you there!

After a long long time I’m here with kind of a “diary” video about last week. It was a pretty tough one. Too long and too short, all in one.

The summer break here in Czech Republic is pretty long, the longer for universities. Which should mean you have planty of time to do whatever you want. To relax, travel, spend time with your beloved people, to dream. Well… this is definitely not what reality looks like.

Tons of photos to take and postprocess, weddings, portraits, projects… Office work, lessons I teach and so.

Actually Norway was the only time we really did spend together with D. That was the reason I decided to take a week of. To spend it together – fishing. I didn’t tell you D. is pashionate fishermad, did I?

And here comes the plan. To spend the whole week out there by lake. However, the day before we left I started to feel ill. We enjoyed it anyway. I just slept a bit more than usually. Who cares… but I had to leave the lake and D. sooner than we both expected.

And guess why?

Yay! Dog show! This was our first time together with Darien. And she was awesome! I loved the atmosphere and she loved all the dogs around. Guess we’re already looking for the next one. And, for those who know a bit about this stuff, she got her second CAC.

Do you kow what I love about those events? Dogs are the most important. People smile at each other, they talk, they have a good time. They simply enjoy that. They watch other dogs with their people and look for the best ones. And (at least the ones I know) they don’t envy. I so enjoy happy and modest people who wish the best to others!

Do you have your own experience?

Enough. Now move on to photos.

DSC_2904 kopie

Well, this is not an aquarium fish… but I’ve seen them as a iny babies and they were much nicer, trust me.

DSC_2948 kopie

This was the one I was fighting with. 11,5 kg as the first try ever? Pretty nice, hm?

DSC_3003 kopieDSC_2968 kopieDSC_2925 kopie

And sometimes they decide to come both in one moment.

DSC_2977 kopie

And now? Darien’s family. And Darien (with me). ♥

DSC_3049 kopieDSC_3054 kopieDSC_3069 kopieDSC_3118 kopie


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