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August favourites

Hey guys!

Another month passed and I am here with all the things I just couldn’t imagine August without or fell in love during this month.

 Selena – Kill Em With Kindness

Kind of optimistic, isn’t it? In a way. I now it’s not that new, I love this song this month anyway. Thumbs up, girl. And this video inspired me for a photoshoot a bit. Yay!

The Body Shop – Pinita Colada body butter

Usually I don’t go crazy about beauty products but this one saved me in Norway (that’s why I bought just a small package). I like body butters for my skin more than anything else in general and this one is really great. I wish nobody noticed how bad my skin was and this little friend of every girl healed it immediately. Pure love.

DSC_2893 kopie

Time for something sweeter!

Chocolate caramel cheesecake

Recipe by Linda Lomelino. I love her recipes, her directions are just perfect, taste of her sweets is simple and addictive and she uses °C and metres and kilos and I don’t need to use maths while baking. The blog: http://callmecupcake.se/

The cake by me:

DSC_2890 kopie

Will Grayson, Will Grayson (J.Green, D. Levithan)

People all around the world are going crazy about John Green’s books and I wanted to know the reason. Will Grayson, Will Grayson is the book I decided to read as the first one and I definitely don’t regret. I love reading this book and can’t wait buying another one written by John. And David.




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