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Perfect outfit for a cozy evening walk

Aside from the latest travel experience I keep living back home with all the important people (and pets). And as I don’t want you to read about just one topic for a long time… we took a camera for a walk.

This outfit is easy, simple, comfortable. No big deal. I am not ready to get back to normal life, yet. I wish the vacation lasted longer. But reality is back and not asking our opinions, right? That’s why I chose this one. Cotton t-shirt, favourite shorts and sneakers.

One thing I like about being back home is that I can plan new photoshoots. One of those is taking place at our garden and I can’t wait showing you the result. Just wait for it!

But tell me guys, where did you go for you vacation? Or are you going to? I’m curious about your lives and stories. And how do you deal with getting back to work, school, life? Personally I need to take a rest for a day and then get to work without thinking.

Now I’ll get back to my lazy evening. Today I decided to just relax. And eat. And cuddle the dog.

Have a nice evening sweethearts!

Love, Michaela

DSC_2443 kopieDSC_2433 kopieDSC_2434 kopieDSC_2450 kopieDSC_2445 kopieDSC_2459 kopie

Top, shoes: H&M
Shorts: Stradivarius
Accesories: I am


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