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First expressions from Vestfold

Hello there!

We’re back home finally, enjoying hot and dark summer nights, friends and comfortable bedroom. This was our first time to Norway and I loved it, however, next time it needs to be planned in a bit different way.

Are you wondering what we found out? Well, look.

  • Buses are not always on time
  • Everybody speaks English (good for us, isn’t it?)
  • There are places where you need to go by car or foot. No other options. Maybe add a bike.
  • The camps are almost everywhere
  • The sea isn’t too cold to swim in
  • All the people we met were so nice and friendly I’d love to meet them at least once again.

And one more thing we found out during the first two days: we are not made to carry heavy backpacks.

In Norway you can camp almost everywhere, what is amazing. A little problem might be that Norway has many mountains and rocks are on almost every step you make. Remember this in case you want to go camping there. It doesn’t always have to be easy to find a place for your tent.

Vestfold is supposed to be the smallest region in Norway. As it is southern region you can enjoy quite warm weather in Summer. Thanks to the weather there Vestfold is full of people (in comparison with for example Finnmark) and fields.

And it’s not that good for fishing. You can catch a crab, starfish and so. But… be prepared that you need to be really patient for real fishing. Or you need to go at the sea

Talking the nature… you won’t meet the typical fjords as you know from pictures. But you’ll meet amazing places and beaches and forests and everything and that’s amazing.

Our first expressions from Vestfold? Good. Beautiful. Friendly. Happy.

The only negative was that we were exhausted. But it got better in just one day. 🙂

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