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July favourites

Welcome to monthly favourites!

Optimists always look for something to be happy about. Or for something to love. For reasons to smile. For ways how to enjoy one’s life.

As part of my proccess of making this blog alive not only during the summer I decided to start few new series and projects. This is one of those ideas. Nothing new, I know. But mine. I hope you’ll enjoy this a bit at least and maybe you’ll get inspired to try something new for you.

Macadamia Natural Oil Care: Healing Oil Spray
My must for hair. The most for summer and winter. I use it after I wash my hair and sometimes I spray the hair to get the final shine to an updo. And I kind of really like how it smells. Moreover, this time I bought the big bottle. Just in case.

Wouldn’t you just love this trend? And finally the right weather came here, too, so we don’t freeze while wearing summer clothes. The one I love most is from Mango. My boyfriend thinks this belongs to the 19th century. Just. Stop. Talking. Please.

Woooo, I am obsessed with this right now! And not just now. This addiction lasts for months, but ends now. I finished the 10th series. I even bake

A banana. With Nutella.
Let me eat this the whole summer! And if there is too hot outside just add an icecream. Yummy! All perfect everything.

The cake for my nephew + meringues
We always make a birthday cake for him. This time I used meringues to decorate it and I am just in love.

 DSC_1989 kopie.jpg



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