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Summer news

Hi you!

Summer break is here already! Are you as excited as I am? Hope so! Guys, where are you heading for your summer break? As we are trying to plan our trip and it is not working the way I’d like to. How do you deal with this? Do you use travel agencies? As I don’t. Anymore. But I really started considering to try it again the next time…

Well. The exam period was exhausting. 6 long weeks of laying in books, singing, playing the piano and trying to find any time for my other work and my close people. Nothing easy, but a lot challenging. And I love challenges, don’t you?

Although I had no time to work on this page I found enough time to think about stuff I can do when I have enough time. And the time is here, yay!

Of course part of my summer is (always) photoshooting, I mean I need to make the photos and edit all of them and by the time this is done I can show you some. Of course in case you are interested in it a bit?

The next thing to do is to give life to my youtube channel. I am not completely sure how to start (with what kind of videos I mean, so many ideas, so much trouble realizing them) but by the time a find the right way it will be good, I promise! Hope D. will help me. I always find a work for him. Am I not a good girl, hm?

Let’s think what this could bring. Activity! New articles more often! Something new to read regularly! Ok, I am excited, but probably not that much to fool about that. Well, probably.

I almost forgot! What I didn’t mention the next month could bring some travel photos and diary. I believe there is a lot to look forward as we decided to travel one amazing country on a budget.

I think it’s time to go and have breakfast now. My dears, be patient, I’ll prepare some articles (ok, at least one) for the time I’ll be offline also. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Follow me on Bloglovin’, if you don’t want to miss the new articles. Link is in the menu.

Enjoy your summer time!


DSC_3343 kopie


2 thoughts on “Summer news”

  1. Czech Youtube scene is full of haters . They’re talking about another mistakes and they’re calling it “sincerity” . So be careful 🙂 I will be your first follower 🙂 🙂


    1. Thank you 🙂 I hope I’ll stay far away from all of this, I don’t feel like becoming a vloger, yet 🙂



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