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Z-ART jewelery

Hi you!

6 weeks of exams make a tough time. Exams mean I have absolutely no time for anything else. I am sure we all know this feeling when you want to do anything else but you simply can’t.

For this photos we teamed up with my new helper for the first time. I must say he did really well and that he has a potential. Hopefully you’ll see results of our editorials, photoshoots and adventures more often in the future.

Z-ART is an atelier with which I work from time to time. What I absolutely love about this jewellery is it’s originality. The designer herself has never ending imagination and her romantic soul is in every single piece.

And does she follow the trends? Well, I don’t think she cares too much but can you even do the wrong step with flowers? In summer? Not really. And the necklaces and charmers are in so many colour combination you can possibly imagine. I must say – perfect necklaces for a wedding guest. Maybe even for a bride (there are a few bridal jewellery pieces and I am sure there will be more.

If you are interested in more of Z-ART jewellery check the web: http://www.z-art-eshop.cz/ (unfortunately the e-shop is only in Czech but bellow the photos you can find links to all the single pieces of art, if you need help, write to me)


DSC_8575 webDSC_8591 webDSC_8606 webDSC_8644 webDSC_8681 web

Dress: custom made
Necklace: Z-ART Serissa
Earrings: Z-ART Clio III
Earrings: Z-ART Oraefo
Necklace: Z-ART Meara
Necklace: Z-ART Clemathea



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