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Blueberry spring

Hello guys!

It’s been a long time, right? No post for a couple of weeks. But we worked anyway, don’t worry. Did you enjoy your spring? The weather here seems rather Summer already.

I am preparing a few “projects” for the blog. And there are also a few changes lately. My sweet Adri is leaving Blueberry lace, but I was talking to some people who could post articles about things I don’t completely understand (for example make-up is not my thing). Wish me luck to start co-working with them.

Now on to Spring. What are your fashion essentials for spring? I definitely go for dresses! Dresses and flat shoes. This dress is custom made. I love simple pieces of clothing. Unfortunately it is more and more difficult to buy any. And here comes my heroine! From time to time my mum is willing to let my ideas come to life.

My definitely most favourite trend is white colour. I love this colour and I’m happy to try snow white so as cream white right now. Just not in this post, yet. Even though I like pastels I’m not going to fall for them as wearing pastels I look as a macaroon.

I will do my best to keep the blog updated. Next week will be tough at school but then… a little trip is planned! I hope you’ll like all the things prepared.

Take care,
love, Michaela

DSC_8142 webDSC_8179 kopieDSC_8146 webDSC_8187 kopieDSC_8193 web

Dress: custom
Bracelet: Pandora
Shoes: Baťa



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