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Lednice, one of the most beautiful castles I know.

Hello everybody!

This post is going to be the first one in a series from the Czech Republic. Why so? Well, I live here and am studying here, too. Moreover, so many people come to see so many things in Europe and miss such a beautiful spots here just because of not knowing about those treasures.

First I would like to show you is the Lednice castle. The whole area around this castle is pretty huge and people here enjoy to go to this region for cycling. In czech it’s “Lednicko-Valtický areál”, if you could ever use to know this.

It’s in the absolute south corner of the country. To make all clear, people devide the republic into two bigger parts, which are Bohemia and Moravia. This castle is in Moravia (the east one). In the past those two were two kingdoms.

Anyway, maybe I’ll come again with different pictures later, but this time we wanted to visit just the glasshouse.

Interesting note 1: the park surrounding this castle is one of the biggest in whole Europe.

Interesting note 2: the palm glasshouse (next to the castle) was bulit in 1715.

We didn’t have enough time to walk the whole area, but we will soon. And I hate when there is too many people. And trust me. There were crowds of them.

Love, Michaela

DSC_7828 kopieDSC_7923 kopieDSC_7833 kopieDSC_7839 kopieDSC_7851 kopieDSC_7855 kopieDSC_7856 kopieDSC_7863 kopieDSC_7865 kopieDSC_7875 kopieDSC_7882 kopieDSC_7894 kopieDSC_7902 kopieDSC_7905 kopieDSC_7884 kopieDSC_7910 kopieDSC_7915 kopieDSC_7926 kopieCoat: Camaieu
Jeans: Mango
Shoes: Baťa


6 thoughts on “Lednice, one of the most beautiful castles I know.”

  1. Parts of Czech Republic are 3 I guess. You forgot Silesia.
    Nice blog really and pics but you should improve your English first.
    Take care


    1. Thank you for your feedback 🙂 I didn’t forget Silesia, I am just not aware of it being a kingdom. Maybe it’s not fair from me, but it is sometimes considered as part of Moravia, isn’t it?
      If I could ask, what is wrong with my English? Except few mistyped characters I already tried to fix.
      Thank you 😉


      1. Your grammar is not correct.
        In the first paragraph you used continuos tense “studying” but you should use “study”. The first sentence in the 2nd paragraph is all wrong. The next sentence – you can not use “this” and “here” together.
        Also you forgot to use an articles. I found more mistakes in your posts and I it think would be better for you to write in your language. Or maybe ask someone to check your texts before you post it.


        1. I’ll go through all my posts once more, thanks. Are you from an english speaking country or from the CR? I’m wondering as you know about Silesia 🙂



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