Around the world, Style, We wore

The cup of coco walk.

Hi you!

Well, can’t say I need it. But! If there is any coffee or hot chocolate or something like this you just got me.

In fact in spring and autumn it is not that important but in winter? You just need to get warmer. So as in summer is something cold needed.

So, well. We walked around lake and through it too (lovely winter, you can walk on water!) and then took a rest in one of the restaurants there.

Actually this place is in winter perfect for winter sports and I believe in summer it is perfect for walks but now, during winter, when everything is covered in snow it is not always exactly easy to go for a longer walk.

However, we enjoyed it a lot though.

And now… take a look at our pictures! And you can look forward to two places in the Czech Republic next time, too. See ya!

Kisses, Michaela

DSC_7605 kopie

DSC_7430 kopieDSC_7436 kopieDSC_7440 kopieDSC_7453 kopieDSC_7576 kopieDSC_7585 kopieDSC_7589 kopieDSC_7590 kopieDSC_7592 kopieDSC_7597 kopieDSC_7600 kopie



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