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Easter walk.

And hi people!

Having a free Friday is nothing new to me. Thanks God for going to uni! We always have a day off on Fridays. As many of uni students, I suppose. At least many of my student friends. I really hope your weekens are like this as often as possible.

It was Easter weekend, so what were you up to? Any trips, travels, or so? No travels for me  this time. We were just going for a trip with my family, even though we spent a whole week together in the Alps, I haven’t seen them for two weeks and Easter is ours. Every.single.year.

And what does Easter mean except having a good time with your family? Spring is coming!  I was so looking forward. To be clear. I love winter. But the last two weeks it was something between. Not cold enough for snow and not warm enough for jackets yet.

So have a look at one of our Easter trips. This one was to nature, the second you’ll see soon.

Have a gorgeous day, guys!

DSC_7740 kopieDSC_7745 kopieDSC_7752 kopieDSC_7744 kopieDSC_7756 kopieDSC_7773 kopieDSC_7779 kopieDSC_7769 kopieDSC_7811 kopieDSC_7806 kopie

Coat: Mango
Sweater: Reserved
T-shirt: Kenvelo
Jeans: Mango

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