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Peak District

Hey there!

I’t me again. 😉 This is the last post about GB for a while, trust me. Next one will be (hopefully) outfit post, if not, you can wait for one beautiful winter trip. That one will be here soon for sure.

Okay then. You’ve already seen Derby and the trip around. In fact we visited Lichfield but I didn’t take my camera there with me, so we have no proper photos from Lichfield. But trust me, if you want to see a town with amazing atmosphere where you won’t meet too many tourists, this is the rihgt place. We had lunch in one of the oldest pubs all around. Well, there are not nice stories about the British kitchen but I really enjoyed the meals there.

And what’s more, Lichfield can show you huge cathedral, one of the very few first cathedrals in the world. Breathtaking!

But let’s begin with Peak District now. As an easier solution we took a bus from Derby. ZigZag ticket was really on budget. We didn’t really want to spend more than needed and this price was a nice surprise. Our stop was Bakewell. Even the time in the bus, just watching what’s around was pretty catching.

Bakewell is exactly what I imagine when you tell me ‘old England’. Beautiful surroundings, picturesque town. And what about their bakery! Delicious, I can tell you. I wish we had more time to discover it better.

From Bakewell we took kind of a short walk to Chatsworth House. In the beginning it felt a bit difficuilt to make sure we found the path leading there. After maybe an kilometer we didn’t care. We knew the place is beautiful with or without seeing Mr. Darcy’s home. Except parkingplace next to the house we met just one person. Literary one. After another two or three kilometers we came into Edensor. Village splendid more than what you can imagine from Jane Austen’s stories. Trust me, this trip, the whole day, was as deep experience as experience can be. Hopefully we will go there to see and enjoy more of Peak District.

Simply… in Great Britain is something interesting on every corner. Much more than you can find in guides. Sure, Chatsworth House is well known, mostly thanks to the Pride and Prejudice film from 2005. So nice people, such traditional places.

Look at the pictures. To at least have a look there this way.

Have an amazing day!
Love, Michaela

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1 thought on “Peak District”

  1. Ta příroda okolo.. to je prostě dokonalé ♥ English countryside as well as we know from the films… Nejde si tam tu přírodu, okolí či styl budov nezamilovat. No nic. Střední Anglie definitivně na mém cestovním seznamu. Otázkou je jen kdy si ji odškrtnu za splněno 😀



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