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Goal: Mr. Bingley’s place.

Let’s say we’re not plan people. We had so many plans what to see, where to go and what to do. Guess what? 98% failed.

However, we did not mind that at all as we had more time to discover Derbyshire. Thanks to my dear friend we hadn’t any reason to care for how long we will stay at one place as we stayed at her place. (Thank you, M., I owe you!) So when complications came, we could stay and try to find out as many beautiful places as possible.

As we didn’t plan to stay there at first, we had no idea where to go and what to see. So we took one day off in Burton, to have a rest and to find out what is near and interesting. M. kept talking about Derby, therefore we decided to go there. Moreover, we loved the short distance from Peak District and that was why we wanted to visit Derby the more, to find info centre.

I have to admit that our first trip around Derby was extremely improvised. Even though we took some kind of a map we were not able to be confident reading it. Soon we realized buying another map would be much better.

Anyway, this beautiful and useless map helped us though. I was charmed by the people from Derbyshire and not only. The guide was really just a guide, not a proper plan of the way exactly we should take. Just a tiny direction. We picked a trail which was supposed to go around Netherfield Park. I was so excited!

Nevertheless, for two hours we were not able to find the right way out from the Markeaton Park. While we found the right way out, we had no idea which course is the right (as the whole trip). Fortunately we popped in the Bryer’s Heritage Farm (delicious cakes!) where they helped us.

We stopped few other people, many of them had no idea where the hell are we going.

There was one thing surprising us. Going through people’s gardens and fields. At first we felt pretty weird, but then it was so liberating! Great experience.

However, we did not find Netherfield Park. But at least we had amazing walk, quite long, which gave us many memories.

See you soon,
Michaela ♥

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