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London sneak peak

Dear all.

Ok, this trip is kind of an older story. Anyway. I think there is no reason not to write about it. Planning wasn’t really professional. We knew, where we want to start and stay and we just bought one way ticket. Time showed it actually was a good idea as the original plan changed too much.

First of all, our no. 1 was London. We didn’t spend there lot of time but we definitely tried to enjoy it the more.

Actually, I am not one of those “tourists” who need to see the most they can and than, later, think about what it was like. How about you? Which one do you prefer? Taking a rest for a while to feel the place or hurrying to visit everything possible? 🙂

We stayed at friends’ place literary next to Battersea park and spent quite a lot of time discovering what is around that area. Our everyday place to go through was Albert Bridge. Mornings were sunny and sweet, evenings quite warm and beautiful. I so liked the lights at that bridge!

What really stole our hearts was Victoria and Albert museum. Trust me, if you are at least a bit into history, fashion or culture, this museum is totally a must for you. It took 4 hours to go through everything we were interested in and I don’t think we saw everything worth it enough to enjoy it fully. Anyway, there are treasures everyone should see at least one in a lifetime.

Really nice is that there are three museums at one place and it is just a short walk to Hyde park for a picnic or something in between educational experiences.

One more tip. Few steps from South Kensington station there is a tiny restaurant (maybe more a pub than a restaurant) with oh-so-delicious fish and chips. I am really sorry I don’t remember it’s name and I can promise you the next time I’ll write it down not to forget anymore. Who ever said they didn’t like fish and chips didn’t ate the right one, I can tell you.

The most beautiful part of our London trip was an evening/night walk through Covent Garden and Soho. I am really sorry we didn’t take any pictures there but I was so interested I just had to enjoy and watch everything instead of taking the best photo possible. Well, next time, I guess! 🙂

Hopefully you don’t need to read about all those well known places like Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge… and so on. Everybody knows it and I’ll try to take a few pictures of some of those places everytime there.

Plus one. If you are into modern art, don’t miss out Tate Modern. It’s worth it.

Finally, the photos. I only used 50mm lens. Though it is not perfect for every situation, I just love it and can’t make myself to use for example 35mm more. Hope you’ll like it anyway.

Love, Michaela

DSC_4731 kopieDSC_4754 kopieDSC_4745 kopieDSC_4751 kopieDSC_4759 kopieDSC_4763 kopieDSC_4770 kopieDSC_4771 kopieDSC_4779 kopieDSC_4829 kopieDSC_4847 kopieDSC_4831 kopieDSC_4837 kopieDSC_4838 kopieDSC_4846 kopieDSC_4830 kopieDSC_4790 kopieDSC_4786 kopieDSC_4793 kopieDSC_4797 kopieDSC_4800 kopieDSC_4802 kopieDSC_4804 kopieDSC_4807 kopieDSC_4814 kopieDSC_4818 kopieDSC_4819 kopieDSC_4849 kopieDSC_4862 kopieDSC_4854 kopieDSC_4857 kopieDSC_4852 kopieDSC_4869 kopieDSC_4858 kopieDSC_4870 kopieDSC_4872 kopieDSC_4874 kopieDSC_4782 kopieDSC_4864 kopieDSC_4866 kopie


2 thoughts on “London sneak peak”

  1. Teď začínám litovat, že jsem v Londýně byla se školou a neměla tak čas vymyslet si vlastní program či jednoduše nasávat atmosféru města.. Hold, jsme brali jednu památku za druhou a ani jedné si clověk přádně neužil, jak to bylo na husto… Takže za mě turista nasávající atmošku a né honící se za vším možnýn.. 😃



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