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Dream dresses for today

Hello there!

No, I am not going to get married. Maybe once. Well, winter is pretty long and exhausting, though loved season for us. At work there is so much to be done because of ball season! And out at the ski slope there are tons of people wanting to learn how to ski. Actually, I love this time of year. Everything is covered in sparkling snow, so silent and innocent.

And as I usually go to help my dear with too much work during those cold months, we sometimes have to try on the dresses. At least time to time. Tell me, girls, wouldn’t you do that working in a fashion saloon? 🙂

So. I’ve tried two dresses, both in ivory colour (don’t ask me why, it simply looked better in this shade). Unfortunately, although same size, the first one was a bit big for me. Anyway. As I see it, a perfect hairstyle would be an updo according to me. Maybe a side updo, not too messy. On the other hand, with the second dress I totally can see messy hair, maybe a low bun, maybe rather curly. And accesories? Well, I am not sure about this yet, since you may know, I’m not a fan of necklaces (though, 2016 goal is to start wearing some) a pair of extraordinary earrings could be enough. Maybe one bracelet, definitely not a cuff, that would be too much with those romantic dresses.

Enough chatting, look at the dresses! ♥


DSC_7403 web

DSC_7404 blog 2

DSC_7401 blog

DSC_7407 blogDSC_7417 blogDSC_7421 blog

Dresses: Svatební studio Dany Svozílkové


2 thoughts on “Dream dresses for today”

    1. Taky bych takové nechtěla. Líbí se mi, ale nehodí se ke mně. Tobě by sedělo přesně co píšeš, vyšší pas, aspoň jedno ramínko, zdobené teplými tóny… úplně tě vidím 🙂



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