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Hello, 2016!

Well, I can’t consider myself as one of those who see a new year is a new chance. Actually, we have the same chance all the time. The number can’t do anything for us, we must.

What is happening all around lately? Exams, what else. I am spending most of the time studying, listening classical music or playing piano. But enjoying snow and winter is getting closer!

However, there are few things to do this year. Do you agree that making a list is the best way how to forget the least the possible?

So here we go.

  1. Find the perfect make-up. It’s easier said than done. I’ve already tried so many! But got a few new tips.
  2. Survive skiing season. This time of the year is probably the most dangerous one.
  3. Finish both exam periods! How could it not be part of this list? You know, all students have those two dark months.
  4. Plan the best holiday ever. Because There is the place, there is the right partner in crime, but that is not everything. (And there need to be an adventure on this page, too!)
  5. More blog posts! The beggining is always a bit difficult. There two of us who started this page and we both are working on it. But we haven’t defined yet who and what exactly. Even though we are very good friends, there are so many points making us and our lives so different. And what we (both) need to figure out is how to make it live.
  6. And the last one? Be happy! Because that is all that matters. No one depressed solved their problems. See it positively and enjoy every day. That is actually not a New year’s resolution. Just a note to our selves to remember.

Well, that’s it. What about your resolutions, did you make any? Do you have any plans, a list of things you want to do or change?

Best wishes,
love, Michaela

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1 thought on “Hello, 2016!”

  1. Mně z make-upu sedl L’Oreal Infallible matte v tubičce, a pak mám ráda Signature Wrinkle filler BB od Misshy. Střídám podle nálady 🙂 . Se zkouškami držím palce 🙂 .



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