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Again and again, stripes, here we go!

So this is the end of summer. Let’s say this one was full of new experiences. Lots of things happened here at home but the most enjoyable moments happened in England with Michaela. We’ve seen plenty of monuments and went outside the city to see a bit of nature, too.

Even though the sun was shining most of the trip the temperature was amazingly friendly. Arriving back home was the worse as the weather here is way too hot.

I must admit I really love stripes. This time I decided to combine this crop top with high waist shorts. The top, sweater, is one of my favourites. I bought it while shopping with Michaela. I love that I can match it with so many things. Black and white is perfect basic combo.

I can’t even remember where I got those shorts. Doesn’t matter. I think it is very feminine and can make you appear slimmer.

The top to this outfit are those heeled sandals.

Well, this is it. I hope you enjoyed your summer so as I did. Also I wish you a good start of this school year!


DSC_3257 kopieDSC_3242 kopieDSC_3302 kopieDSC_3278 kopie


Shorts: no brand

Sandals:no brand


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