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Striped zone.

Hi there! 🙂

It’s been some time since we posted a new outfit for the last time. But yesterday we met to plan a new photoshoot. As I wrote three weeks ago we’ve been to England. Don’t worry, the post about it full of photos is on its way. Last week I’ve been working on some wedding photos and that is why all takes a while now. And now it’s time to enjoy the summer a bit, as this is the last month of sweet doing nothing (means writing, lying by the pool or lake, visiting friends…).

Who does like stripes?

Ok, better question. Is there anyone who doesn’t love stripes? I must admit, I do. Half of my closet seems to be striped! Stripes are so timeless, always a bit elegant, always can make you appear fresh, happy and relaxed. Whatever the rest of your outfit looks like. Tell me, is any of you obsessed with stripes as well?

One more thing to mention is the dungarees. I am not big fan of dungarees, but this dress got me. I love that you can undo the top of it and wear just the skirt. It is an older piece, but still one of my favourites.

So this is it for today. Now I’m heading to a photoshoot and tomorrow we’ll work on some new pictures for you. So have a nice day guys! 🙂


DSC_3405 kopie 2

DSC_3430 kopie

DSC_3407 kopie

DSC_3424 kopie

DSC_3431 kopie

DSC_3448 kopie

T-shirt: Reserved
Dungarees dress: Orsay
Shoes: Converse
Watch: Asos



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