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Workout week.

I bet we all know it. You go on a holiday, looking forward to all the amazing stuff waiting for you. Parties, sports, swimming, walking, whatever. But reality is different. At least for me! All the meals, treats, looking at you. Specialities you just need to try!

And then you come home. Your plans are gone and your body needs more shape. And if it doesn’t, the better for you! 🙂

We came back on Sunday. Trust me, I was too exhausted to do more than fall into a bed. But then there was no other excuse. 🙂


Start slightly. If you had a pause as I did, there is no need to push on yourself. I did just a 25 minute workout. I love to start jumping the rope for a while, for me two or three minutes are enough to heat the muscles. After that I picked my favourite full body workout. What is important for me, too, is strengthening after a workout. Definitely not taking it too seriously, it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to me.


Start and end were the same as on Monday. The only difference was that the workout didn’t last just 24 but 45 minutes. And, in fact, it was partly full body workout, but I tried to focus on abs more.


Day off! I think we all would use a day of. However, it wouldn’t be nice not to move at all, so what about having a little walk? Doesn’t matter if it is for 20 minutes or two hours. Simply get out for a while! 🙂


Perfect day to start with cardio again. If you’re starting like I am after two (or more) weeks, it’s probably not a good idea, so I picked shorter track to begin with. It took about 25 minutes inline skating (again, haha 🙂 ). Second part was a short abs workout. And I really mean short, shorter than the Monday one.


Second day of cardio. Forty mins. Sweating it out. And in the evening a little booty workout. That’s it.


Weekends are difficult. Parties, trips, meeting up with friends. You know it. Take some walk or at least short workout. We’ll continue next week! 🙂

And in the end I’d like to mention one thing. This plan is just what I did and what works for me. If you take it as an inspiration, I’d be pleased, but it definitely isn’t a plan how to lose weight. I am pretty sure it isn’t proper and the best way. Professionals would make up much better one. I’ll be working on getting it more professional with pros, but this is more likely a journal.

Love, Michaela

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