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England calling!

Hey there!

For a couple of days this place will be calm a bit. We left to the UK for a while and won’t be able to manage new posts. If you are interested in, our Instagram accounts are updated every day, so stay tuned! If it will be possible, I’ll try to write something here, too, but I daren’t promise.

We’re spending few really intensive days in London and after that going to my friend’s place to look around, wisit cities, towns and nature, for sure. Be prepared for tons of photos and adventures, which we’re deffinitely going to write down here! Hopefully some outfits will be captured too, but probably not many, since we both packed all our stuff (excluding the camera) in just little baggage so we don’t have to carry lot of things.

More is to come, wait for it! 😉 Have a nice time till we come back and stay tuned!

Michaela & Adriana

home(this place is what we left, our home :))


5 thoughts on “England calling!”

  1. Amazing landscape photo. Is it yours work? Portrait photographer can be a landscape photograpger, why not? 🙂

    ( … a teď to raději nedávat nikomu číst, protože je to pěkně dlouhá doba, co jsem něco psala anglicky 🙂 ).


    1. Thank you! Yes, it’s my work. Hopefully there won’t be any photos by anyone else than me or with Adriana’s help 🙂

      (napsala jsi to náhodou moc hezky 🙂 )



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